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Tran Hy Khang | 2019

For 2 weeks I have embarked on VnHope 2019’s summer camp trip. Although those 2 weeks passed as fast as it came, many profound memories and wholesome experiences would, in time, assist in my future.

First came the training days, though i had been on this project for 2 years the training never fell to amazed me. Was it the abundance and engaging contents presented by the students and doctors that intrigued me, or my desire and affection for knowledge that kept me interesting throughout the course. Nevertheless, I have learnt many and while in the future may not be able to use extensively like a medical student could, I still hold much appreciation for these awe-inspiring lessons, as how medicine can be both wonderful and mundane. For the more practical Clinic’s works and flow training, it helped me to grasp the basic of diagnosing the patient, of the importance in having an adequate diagnostic to help with the treatment. Now, I’m indeed quite confident in my taking information about the patient and various testing, shadowing skills, eagering to apply these in other voluntary programs or as basic knowledge in my life. Not only that, I learned much on how to organize an event properly, as well as a handful of leadership skills thanks to a very special presentation during the training.

It could be that these very new-found experiences had urged me to make use of them. Thus, I went to the actual clinic days with confidence and a burning desire to prove myself. I felt very well favored compare to other students because of my native knowledge, so to be able to return the ‘favor’, I tried to do my best in the camp and on the clinic days. Never have I been so proud of my Vietnamese and English, especially when I used it extensively to help the visiting patients. I remember talking to a lost girl amidst all the other students’ confusion and helping her to find her father, or when I interpreted patient’s complaint for the doctors, all thanks to my bilingual ability. I was delighted to help the patient with utmost respect and passion. And of course, the more passionate I was, the more thankful I am now for VnHope’s Project, where I could prove myself and my endeavor could be acknowledged.

Adopting the motto “Work hard Play hard”, I had as much fun with my new friends as when I helped on the clinic. We had such splendid time together that I wish to forever cherish our team E’s memories. From awkward feelings on the first O-day to the emotional final Gala, from hardship during the trip to the blissful dinners, we grew from strangers to be one united and understanding team. I’m glad to have a chance to play part in this process, in which I both found new High school friends and College friends. This was real test for my socialising and team-working capability, and I’m much happy to accomplish the test quite nicely. Not only did I take on the job of translating, I also acted as a local tour guide, answering and introducing about Vietnam with high enthusiasm. I really appreciated these actions because they allowed me to use my English and culture preference comprehensively.

Be it the challenging and exhausting clinic days or cultural difference between me and my American friends, I always took joy in overcoming it. I fear not the challenge, but rather my own lack of capabilities to prevail. I committed to this trip with all of my heart and soul, and shall keep contributing to the trip in the future. Fortunately for me, I was recognised as one of the most spectacular individuals, something that I will always take pride in and used as an reminder, about how I once did something incredible because I had set my heart on it. One more time, I would like to express my dearest thanks to VnHope’s team. Not only were they incredible people, but they have endeared me to my character, to my future.

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