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Kelly Chang | 2017

One memory stands out during my time with VnHope. I was shadowing Dr. Ching at primary care as he was questioning a patient. He asked the patient if he had any problems with his vision. The patient said he had blurry vision, so Dr. Ching told him he would send him to Optometry to obtain a new pair of glasses. After a while, we noticed that the patient had tears streaming from his eyes and asked him if something was wrong. With the help of a translator, we discovered that the patient was just very grateful to receive glasses. I appreciate this experience because it reminds me of the true meaning of helping those in need and the reason why so many industrious physicians love what they do. Many people claim that medicine is difficult, yet medical students and doctors continue to pursue the career because of their passion and desire to aid others. I aspire to do the same.I also enjoyed learning from the physicians during both the lectures and hands-on training. I love how medicine is a field that involves constant learning and teaching no matter what position one is in. Moreover, observing how interested and involved the doctors were in their teaching inspired me to learn and hopefully be able to do the same for others in the future.

VnHope was full of many firsts for me. I have never taken a patient’s blood pressure, measured blood glucose levels, or even used a stethoscope. I hope I never forget or lose that feeling of excitement I held as I executed such activities. It was also my first time undergoing patient interaction. Although I could not directly communicate with the Vietnamese patients, I was able to give a smile and nod upon our first interaction; that small exchange was sufficient for me because I knew that it meant they were trusting in me to provide the best healthcare possible and I made sure to give 100% effort. I cannot wait to experience more patient interaction as I grow in the medical field.

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