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Jennifer Bui | 2017

On the 4th day of clinic, I met a patient that touched my heart and taught me something really important.

It was a little slow so I turned to this woman next to me and asked her how her day was going and if she’s been waiting long. Before I knew it, she was telling me about how difficult it was growing up and how grateful she is that life is a lot better and easier now, although she still wishes she had children. After almost an hour of talking, she left and then came back 2 hours later with bags of fruit for me.

She came back every. single. day. after the first day we talked to visit me at the clinic and give me fruits that she had already cut and peeled in advance for me. She did this up until the very last day of clinic. She even told one of the doctors that if she could have a child, it would look exactly like me and have the same heart that I do (which made me cry so hard ).

I’m so grateful to have met someone who considers me her own so quickly and is so incredibly sweet and generous. It’s awesome how something as simple as just listening to someone talk can impact them so much. I’m so humbled by this experience and I’ll always remember it

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