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Charles Nguyen | 2016

The 2016 Summer Service Camp has been another unforgettable experience. Even though this is my third time on this trip, I still can’t believe the compassion, work ethic and camaraderie shown by the students and healthcare professionals. It has been a privilege to listen to the patients’ hardships and able to do something for them. Sometimes, I’m so frustrated there isn’t more we could do. Despite the limitations of the mobile clinics, the trip has been so full of hope. Seeing how happy and grateful patients are, how relieved parents are to see their kids receive care, and how hardworking and compassionate all the volunteers have been remind me of the positive impact we make on others. My unforgettable moment on this trip was when we gave a wheelchair to a woman disabled from a stroke. Her devoted husband has been carrying her around on his back for 14 years. Having the privilege to serve others is truly humbling and only strengthens my resolve to continue the work. I am so grateful for all the people I have met, the people we have helped and the friends I have made. It seems like every trip makes me want to come back even more. Until the next time!

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